A pine story

In the fifties, a farmer who owned many lands, once got the curious idea to take advantage of them by breeding pines. This man was known as the old Peabody. The latter sawed his two first pines just in front of his house, where he lived with his wife and his two children. The two pines were growing side to side and were strong, living like twins. Peabody used them as a symbol and called his farm "Twin Pines Ranch".

30 years later

In the eighties, the place has become a large mall. It was named after Peabody's lands : "Twin Pines Mall". Lots of shops from the center of Hill Valley have settled in the mall. The Zales jewellers' shop, which used to be at the courthouse square, is among those who decided to move, because the area had turned into a dirty and unattractive place. Particularly, the beautiful park in which was standing a World War II memorial, has been replaced by a parking lot.


This was the original story, before Marty's intervention...

On October 26th, 1985, Marty goes back in time in the DeLorean invented by doctor Emmett Brown. On the mall's parking lot, Marty is running fast on board of the DeLorean, trying to escape from the Libyans, who have just murdered Doc. As he means to change gear, Marty activates the time circuits of the machine. When he reaches 88 miles per hour, he is instantly transported into the year 1955, on November 5th. The DeLorean ends up in Peabody's barn. Such a vehicle was bound to frighten the people living here : the time machine looks just like a UFO ! Peabody, who takes Marty for a mutated alien, starts to shoot at him with his carbine.

In order to escape from him, Marty gets back into the DeLorean, and knocks down one of the two young pines, whose only protection was a small wooden fence.

30 years later, the mall, settled down on Peabody's former lands, is named "Lone Pine Mall", in memory of this tragic episode.



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