This section deals with other interesting innovations that can be found in the film. These are inventions that don't figure in the other themes discussed on this site.

The hydrator

This invention is based on a simple fact : most of what we consume is almost entirely made up of water. Remove all the water from a food product (dehydration) and its volume will be greatly reduced. such is the case with the Pizza Hut peperroni pizza. The Black & Decker hydrators function is to restore the correct amount of water to the dessicated food.


1_ Place the dehydrated product in the machine.
2_ Take care to place the item in the center of the plate.
3_ Shut the device.
4_ Orally select your program. (eg : to quadruple the volume of the food, chose program "hydration 4").
5_ The food is instantly rehydrated, hot and soft. All that's left is to remove it from the hydrator.

Warning : take care to ensure an item isn't left for too long in the device, lest it explodes. (A few seconds will suffice).

The Garden Center

A miniature garden in the middle of your dinning room. The potted plants bear bananas, grapes and other fruits that can be picked without leaving the table ! The system also requires very little maintance and is retracted into the ceiling when not in use.

The Scenery Channel

Tired of the same old depressing view out of the window ? The Scenery Channel is the solution.

The channel features superb views round the clock, enhanced with sound, as if you were truly living the experience ! This all appears on a simple white blind. A wide range of lanscapes are available. The view can be changed by remote control.

Walking the dog ?

In 2015, walking the dog is no longer a chore : a robot will do it for you. It's a little machine that hovers above the ground, to which the dog is attached via a leash. The robot surveys your faithful companion. You can therefore enjoy all the delights of owning a dog without any of the inconvenience.


Though small, Docs binoculars are highly advanced. As well as considerable magnification, they can locate and highlight specific individuals present in a given scene. They can also yield the coordinates and precise distance of an object in view.


Self-dusting Book Paper

In the future, books are sheltered from dust. According the antiques dealer, all books now possess self-dusting covers, rendering the inlays obsolete. This invention dates from after the year 2000 since the sports almanach 1950-2000 also features such a cover.


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