Here it is, the Bttf Monopoly, the greatest Back to the Future game ever created !

The rules are the same as in the original Monopoly game. The difference here is that you will buy and rent places and buildings from the Back to the Future trilogy. You will travel in time, all along the game, from 1885 to 2015.

The CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST cards are now available. English is not my first language, and it's been quite difficult to translate this whole game, so if you find any translation problem, contact me and I'll correct it.

You can print this whole game after downloading the images that you can find at the bottom of this page.

02/11/02 Correction : I've changed the "Go 'in' Detention" square into "Go to Detention" on the board. See "board_part4".

02/19/02 : Correction of the link "Board_part1"

07/02/03 : Correction of the chance card "Go to the 1955 courthouse..." (see "chance1")

07/03/03 : Corrections of errors in : "chance1", "chance2", "Board_part2" and "titles1".


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