In English :

--> The reference for all Bttf fans. News, galleries, interviews, message board, biographies...

--> This is the official Back to the Future DVDs website, with many pictures and documents you'll never find anywhere else.

--> Fan fictions, Hill Valley archives, rare pictures, evolution of the scripts from the 3 movies.

Craig's OUTATIME back to the future website

--> Another great site. With filmographies, a page about the special effects...

Digital homage to Back to the future

--> Fonts inspired by the trilogy, sound files, everything you need to recreate the atmosphere of the trilogy on your computer.

Marty... Such a nice name.

--> A page made by a big fan who put her collection of images from bubble gums bought when Back to the Future II has been released.

BTTF Trilogy III - Totally BTTF ! Totally Cool !

--> A very nice site which is regularly updated. You'll find many sounds and videos, among lots of other stuff.

Back To The Future Almanac

--> This site concerns the movie Back to the Future and it's sequels, and is aimed more at hard-core fans than normal people. You'll find interesting images from other movies shot at the same places as Back to the Future.


Back to the Future Props (in English) :

--> You'll find many pictures of props seen in the Back to the Future trilogy.


Back to the future film locations (in English) :

The Back to the future Tour

--> Visit the places where the scenes of Back to the Future were shot. With many pictures and comments.


In French :

Blast From 1985 =>

--> Manu R. McFly's website. Galleries, interviews, cut scenes, biographies, news, french message board... The French reference for Back to the Future.

-> Many sections in this site : News, DVDs, BTTF the Ride, galleries, polls, DeLorean, behind the scene, message board...


--> A very well designed site. The sections are classic but nice.

Nom de Zeus !

--> Freddy's website, with summaries of the 3 films, articles about the characters, and ideas for the script of Back to the Future IV sent by fans.


--> Fab's website with summaries, pictures and more.

Back to the Past

-> Julien's website with summaries, characters and other upcoming sections...

Retour vers le Futur - Blog

-> My own blog about Back to the Future with many rare images and information.


In German :

--> A very good site with an interesting repro-gallery and the German version of my Back to the Future Monopoly...

--> Many sections in this site. Galleries, time travels, downloads...


In Italian :

--> The reference in Italian. Have a look to the message board.

In Spanish :

Volver al Futuro : la web oficial argentina

--> An Argentine website with many sections.


About time travel (in French) :

--> A very complete site for all that is about time itself, time travels, paradoxes, etc.


Friendly sites :

La Porte de Xelow

--> French site about StarGate SG1, ufology and science-fiction.


--> Download Ortograf to play Scrabble® on your Mac.


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