I'm quite highly short-sighted. I started to wear corrective glasses at the age of 7. I've been living with one or two pieces of thread in my eyes (floaters) for years but I never paid attention to them. I thought they were something normal. I actually thought it was dust sliding on the edge of my eye. So I have never focused on them for years.

Last July, I got bigger floaters. I don't know exactly the moment when they first showed up because I was used not to paying attention to them. The first days, I remember I could see one going up and down on my screen but I never stared at it. I thought it would go away. It never did such a thing...

On a shiny day, I went to a parc and laid on the grass. I looked at the sky and then I saw that jumping floater, then a smaller, and then a bigger one (the cobweb). That's when I decided to look for an explanation.

But I did not panick at all : in my mind, those things (floaters) could only be seen when looking at the sky. So when I got off, it was as if they had disappeared because I thought so.

So I began to search for some information about floaters on the internet (I didn't know exactly what they were but I had heard about "mouches volantes" (the french term for floaters). I remembered it was a symptom of high blood pressure. I came across medical sites that read that nothing could be done about floaters but that they were harmless. I learned about the vitreous in my encyclopedia : it said it was a gelly like structure that was never replaced by the body. The consequence is that floaters would not disappear. The article also read that the only way to get rid of them was vitrectomy.

I could not realize those floaters would be there forever. I could clearly see that they can move so I didn't understand why they could not go away. If I can make them move in the depth of the vitreous, in the third dimension, they will not be visible anymore. That's what I first thought. I thought about going in a roller coaster to apply pressure on them to make them move away. But now I understand it's not that easy to get rid of them...

Later, I tried to find ways to see them more precisely : that's when I become aware of small dots in my right eye although I first thought there were no floater in that eye.

A few days later, I realised I could see shadows of the two biggest floaters even with a dim light.

I started to feel bad, I was kind of depressed. I didn't want to wake up in the morning anymore. I didn't want to see them. The first thing I could see in the morning was the big knot-like floater. After several days, I tried not to let the floaters put me down. I decided to go out in the sun. Although I could see them, it wasn't so unbearable. I went to Paris with my father for a 3 days visit (I'm from Nancy, 300 km away from the capital). My uncle and my grand mother live there. It helped me ignore my floaters and I felt better.

I told my mother about my floaters. She quite didn't understand at first what I was talking about. Several weeks later, she told me she could see tadpoles while she was reading in the sun. Obviously, it seems that she is not bothered at all by those floaters she described as very tiny things.

To be continued...


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