Just take 10 little minutes to send your drawings. Here are some advice to help you make realistic floaters.
I did my drawings on Claris Works for Macintosh. You may not be able to proceed the same way as explained below, depending on the software you're using. Sorry for that.

Use the brush to draw strands on your bitmap drawing software (I did mine with Claris Works on a Mac). On the brush option, there may be a way to change the brushes' shape. Change it so to make it look like:


Just make 4 dots (4 pixels)

You should get this kind of thread :

In the brushes options, there should be a window in which you can choose the effect of the brush. Use the option "darken" (or something like that). After this, the brushes' threads should look like this :

By clicking on your mouse, you will be able to make the thread more or less dark.

To make dots, you can also use the brush :

Just make the shape look like(5 pixels max.) Then you will just have to change the color to make it clearer (light greys).

These are just a few examples of what you can do with a basic drawing software. It doesn't prevent you from making your drawings with a paper and a pencil and scan it...

Please send me your drawings, I will add them to this site. It is very important to make people aware of what it's like to have to live each and every day with these things in our vision.



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