This is my biggest floater. It's not the darker but it's very large and it moves a lot. It moves between the left side and the left center of my vision. Inside, I'm not too bothered by this one. On the contrary, outside, it's much more visible.

When I move my eye from left to right, I can see the floater move the same way. Moreover, it is made of strands that will follow the motion of the vitreous.

The first drawing shows it in a stable motion. The second shows it when I've moved my eye. This position is the one that I try to keep, because this way, most of it is quite invisible. The third position represents the cobweb in its worst position : I can see the entire floater when this happens.

The little circles I've put on top of the cobweb indicate the part that do not move. It seems to be attached to the structure itself of the vitreous. The floater can rock from left to right and from right to left like a swing.

I must say that the drawings show the cobweb at its normal size. When I'm in front of a white screen of my computer, sitting at a normal distance, this is what I can see. The difference is that the floater is less visible, more bright and less greyish.

Update : march 2002 : the thread that used to maintain the bottom of the cobweb has broken, it seems. Now, the floater moves a lot more. It takes different shapes. The little knot on the bottom, the most opaque thing of this floater, is very mobile, and can move up and down easily. It has become a little bothering, and sometimes, I have to move my eyes until it comes back to the left, on my peripheral vision where it's quite unnoticeable.


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